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Astra medical-tourism
Astra Clinics add a new dimension to the domain of healthcare in the city of Hyderabad.

We are a team of committed and passionate people who are eager to assist your medical trip to India. Astra Healthcare maintains a close network with doctors and JCI accredited hospitals in India. Using our close ties with hospitals, healthcare agencies, we provide the best quote, excellent support, and genuine care.


Why India is a popular destination for Medical Tourists?


One primary advantage of India is the availability of world-class treatment facilities and highly qualified doctors. Also, you can save on treatment cost 30 to 60% savings.

The hospitals here are well equipped with the latest medical technology and supported by highly qualified physicians and nurses. Most senior doctors in these hospitals have International medical degrees and have experience of working in leading hospitals abroad.


How Astra Healthcare Assists Medical Tourists?


We ensure complete transparency from the start to the finish of your medical trip to India. Our medical coordinators provide all assistance, right from the trip planning stage till the completion of your treatment.

Personal Care | Quality Treatment | Affordable Price


We assure you a safe and stress-free medical tourism experience in India. We help you in all aspects of your medical trip to India ? from pre-travel planning, to your return to your home country. Besides, you can even plan a short vacation during your stay in India.

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