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Astra homecare
Astra Clinics add a new dimension to the domain of healthcare in the city of Hyderabad.

Sometimes, it is not possible to travel to the clinic or hospital due to various reasons. Our home visit plans are the perfect solution for such situations. We usually recommend our home visit plans for:

Elderly individuals and senior citizen couples who have difficulty moving about
Individuals who are immobile and frequently need medical attention for chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc.

People whose medical condition precludes them from moving anywhere out of their house.

Senior citizens can avail our Home Visits Plans at special discounted rates.


Depending on your requirements and the health plan you have subscribed to, our family physicians can check on your health in the comfort of your home, assess your clinical condition and prescribe medicines or extend crucial advice on managing your health.

If you call us in an emergency, even if you have not subscribed to our health plans, we may be able to send one of our doctors to your home if he/she is available in your locality. We will do this only after we have ascertained through a tele-consultation that your condition does not require immediate hospitalization or emergency room admission.

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